Американская химчистка в Ходосовке (ТРЦ “МегаМаркет”, 2 этаж)

  • Номер телефона
    +38 044 22-11-666
  • Адрес
    Днепровское шоссе, 1, дом 16, Ходосовка, Киевская область
  • Время работы
    Пн-Вс 10:00-20:00, без выходных

Отзывы об отделении

Сергей Серый
Сергей Серый
14:10 22 Jul 20
I like this dry cleaner, it works neatly and efficiently. Good. that have already opened after quarantine))
Вероника Капрова
Вероника Капрова
21:30 28 Feb 20
I want to thank you for tidying up my favorite fur coat, clearing everything, the result is just super.
Саша Sasha
Саша Sasha
20:47 25 Feb 20
My work is connected with business trips and frequent business meetings, there are several Kosyum that I carry with me. You can’t throw the suits into the washer, they will lose their appearance if you don’t take sushi, so good cleaning is extremely necessary here, I personally use the American dry cleaning network, they clean very well and... that is important quickly.Больше
Тимур В.
Тимур В.
16:15 20 Feb 20
It’s convenient for me to use their services, firstly, a branch is nearby, and secondly, they work efficiently.
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