Американская химчистка на Печерске (б. Леси Украинки 7Б)

  • Номер телефона
    +38 044 59-99-632
  • Адрес
    бульвар Леси Украинки 7 Б, Киев
  • Время работы
    Пн-Пт 10:00-20:00, Сб 10:00-18:00, Вс выходной

Как нас найти:

Приемный пункт находится во дворе дома.

Отзывы об отделении

Леонид Вихровсий
Леонид Вихровсий
13:55 21 Jul 20
The dry cleaning is great, we have been using the services for a long time, we have never let us down, we treat things with care. We cleaned both blankets and winter clothes. Good friendly service, pleasant staff, if the level of service everywhere in the industry would be the same as in American dry cleaning, it would be cool.
Володимир Сова
Володимир Сова
14:18 25 Jan 20
We passed a baby car seat here, you know that a young child. especially on the way, to spill something or not to scatter. After the vacation, they decided to clean, pleased that they quickly did, the chair was brand new, the colors remained bright ..
A Google User
A Google User
14:06 21 Nov 19
Вечернее платье почистили замечательно, используют хорошие средства для чистки, бережно относятся к вещам.
Даня Соболь
Даня Соболь
13:52 20 Sep 19
Thank you very much for tidying the sheepskin coat, very carefully cleaning the sleeves and the collar, it now looks very beautiful.
Виктор Д
Виктор Д
16:00 20 Aug 19
I rent my business suits here, they are excellently restored to their former appearance, while the prices are loyal enough. It is good that such a dry cleaning is not far from home, you can always count on the timing does not fail. I wish you many satisfied customers, you deserve the best.
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