Американская химчистка в Гостомеле

  • Номер телефона
  • Адрес
    улица Чкалова, 2, Гостомель, Киевская обл.
  • Время работы
    Пн-Вс 10:00-20:00, без выходных

Как нас найти:

Приемный пункт, ателье находится в супермаркете “Сити Маркет”

Отзывы об отделении

Ирина Г
Ирина Г
12:53 20 Jan 21
We gave our things for cleaning, I liked everything. Good service, dry cleaning is one of the best.
Павел Орлов
Павел Орлов
14:53 23 Jul 20
Hooray! you opened)) We cleaned the child car seat, coped with 5 points.
Виталина Облако
Виталина Облако
15:00 20 Jul 20
In American dry cleaning, for me personally, there is one important advantage, it is many branches, sometimes I leave home early and dry cleaning does not work yet, and therefore I then hand over to the branch that is near work. The conditions are the same everywhere and the service standards are the same.
Ира Д.
Ира Д.
20:10 14 Jul 20
I gave them the restoration of the wedding dress and costume of my husband, received it back on time in perfect condition. Thank! masked personnel; disinfection facilities available. everything is as it should be.
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